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The Association of Thames Yacht Clubs represents over 50 member motor yacht clubs and is dedicated to protecting the navigational and general interests of all Thames boat users.

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News Flash: Latest

EA Prosecute Boater for non-Registration
A Press Release from the EA details how a boater owner has been fined over £3000 for non-registration of river craft.
Read the full press release here

BSS Alert boaters to 6kg Calor Lite cylinder product recall
The Boat Safety Scheme has sent through details for Calor's immediate product recall of 6kg Calor Lite cylinders.
Further details can be obtained from http://www.boatsafetyscheme.org/about-us/news-and-press-releases/press-releases/bss-alerts-boaters-to-calor-lite®-gas-cylinder-recall/

Quagga Mussels
You may have recently read or heard news articles about finding the invasive species Quagga mussel in the Wraysbury river near London.
To explain some of the issues with Quagga mussels and what can do be done to help prevent the spread of any invasive aquatic animals and plants, please see Quagga Mussels - Environmental Briefing
An Invasive Species Alert from the Non-Native Species Secretariat is also available Quagga Mussels Alert.
This gives some details on how to identify the Quagga mussel and how to report it if you think you have seen one.

Project Kraken

Project Kraken and Marine Watch.
An important initiative to reduce marine related crime. Check it out HERE

BMF Mobile App

Explore the Thames Mobile App
The British Marine Federation (BMF) are producing a mobile application for iPhone/iPad containg a wealth of information about the Thames to be available in the new year. Take a look.

Speed and Wash on the Non-Tidal Thames

The Environment Agency are having a drive against speed and wash. You have been warned………………..Read More

Navigation Update

See the latest Naviagtion Information for the Non-Tidal Thames HERE

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Mon 9 Nov 20:00 - 22:00
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Navigation Update

Navigation Update 15th May 2014

1 Upstream of Oxford


i) There are many new and expanded shoals above Godstow Lock. Boats will need to stick to the middle of the river around all bends. There are some warning buoys but not all shoals are marked and those that are, are not necessarily marked accurately. As yet, little has been done to resolve the problem.

ii) In addition there are some fallen or falling trees to be avoided. Boats should proceed with caution and apply the rule to allow downstream vessels right of passage ahead of upstream vessels.

Boats should proceed with caution and apply the rule to allow downstream vessels right of passage ahead of upstream vessels


Most locks are not fully manned. Some are “Double-Manned” [which means HALF-Manned] and some are “Triple-Manned [which means ONE THIRD-Manned]. In effect, boaters should expect about 25% manning in normal hours, allowing for commuting between locks by the Lock and Weir Keepers concerned.
This turns the Thames into a sort of second class canal in this area.


The pump-out at Eynsham is unreliable.

2 Boveney Pump Out

The pump out at Boveney has been repaired.

3 Whitchurch Bridge

Please note that this bridge will be closed to navigation between 1830hrs and 0830 hours on the nights of 19th to 22nd May [plus, possibly 23rd May] to allow essential works to proceed.