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The Association of Thames Yacht Clubs represents over 50 member motor yacht clubs and is dedicated to protecting the navigational and general interests of all Thames boat users.

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Lock Safety - ATYC Position

There has been much “Tow-path Gossip” on the above recently, specifically on Rescue Ladders and Fire Extinguishers.
We asked the EA to issue a definitive statement and it is published below.
The ATYC position is that Lock Ladders MUST be retained as the best means of rescuing people who fall into a lock before they become casualties. This has been proven over the years on numerous occasions. Other means, lifebuoys, pool loops, slings can be useful too. We believe the “Training Providers” have got it wrong on several counts and we are pleased that it is still under review.
The subject of Fire Extinguishers is more complex but we believe that, on balance, their availability is far better and safer all round than their removal. Obviously, a fire engine and crew is far superior but having one at each lock is not possible and the inevitable delay in their arrival on-scene could prove fatal.
Dep. Chair Mike Chambers will be leading for ATYC in the debate with EA, supported by Vice Chair Dave Hansell [a Fire extinguisher professional] and Chair ATYC David Jones, as well as many other members of TNUF [Thames Navigation Users’ Forum].

We will try to keep you informed.

Lock Safety - EA Position

The following is  a link to a document giving a response on this issues by the EA Waterways Manager, A Graham, to the TNUF

Lock Safety

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